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DIY Autumn Candle

Hello everyone!


Autumn is almost here and I can’t be more excited. Yellow, red, orange, brown,  green. These beautiful colours are all around you and you can’t help yourself from admiring the beauty of nature that leaves you speechless. Autumn is all about warmer clothes and boots, hot drinks ( I just can’t resist in hot chocolate) and lying in bed while it’s raining outside. My favorite thing during autumn (actually always) is reading a book and when I do that I want to be in a very calm and inspiring place. And that’s why I am a deep lover of candles. When you take a look at my room, the first thing that will attract your attention is candles.

 So let’s make our own autumn candle step by step!

What you are going to need is: 

  • a jar
  • a bunch of fake leaves
  • a glue
  • a fake candle

You open your jar and you place the fake leaves inside however you like. In the bottom, all around the jar, anywhere you want. Then you take your glue and start gluing the fake leaves wherever you placed them. Afterwards, you take your fake candle,put it in the bottom of the jar and you are done! And now you have your own autumn candle that will make your room look like autumn.

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