“Determination: Anyone can be passionate, but it means more to always get up and try again after you’ve been kicked in the face multiple times. You always have to keep fighting and push through.”
My name is Ioanna Chytiri, I’m from Corfu, Greece and this is basically my life, my dreams, my thoughts and everything that make me smile. All of these, in this blog. You will read about my travels in the world, about my favorite beauty and skincare products. Also, you will read about my dreams and my biggest fears. I am not afraid to be open with you. As long as you are willing to listen.
I started my blogging journey 4 years ago when I was still a student. I always had this thing about writing about life and everything, so starting a blog was inevitable. I graduated from the Universiry of Athens in the field of Russian Language and Philology and other Slavic Studies. In the same time, 2 years after my first blog post, I uploaded the first video on my Youtube channel. That was only the beginning!
Now, I am a postgraduate student in Newcastle, living my life in the UK. I decided to study “Media and Public Relations”. My blog and my channel played a huge part in this decision.
So, what do you think? Ready to follow me in this trip?
If you would like to know anything about me, please, feel free to write me a comment here or in any of my social media or email me here ioannachytiri@gmail.com

Always smile,
Ioanna xxx


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