Beauty Favorites 2016!

Beauty Favorites 2016!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been ages since the last time I wrote something and I missed this so much!I was in a vacation mood the first weeks of January but now I am here and READY to come back and smash this new year!

As the first post of 2017, I’d like to show you my favorite products that I used the past months. They are a few, so here we go!


TommyG cosmetics masks are not a surprise. I have been loving these masks since the first day that I tried them. My face is so smooth, shiny, clean and perfect. I don’t have any spots or pimples. In one word, my face is fresh like a baby’s. Of course, you can read more about them, on my previous review post!

Natura Siberica Northen Soap. It’s name says it all! I LOVE this thing. It’s a detox cleaning mask, which I usually use after a really hard week with no time to take care of my skin or after a looooot of make up. It’s my scin care savior. It has vitamines and it’s perfect for all skin types!


Not a surprise at all that I chose this term, as the past year I used only lipstains for my lips. Today I’ll show you my favorites. Let’s start with TommyG cosmetics. They are the best so far. Their pigmetation is amazing and they last ALL DAY. Should I mention that they are in a vary low price? Just so you know, their quality is extremely high! For me they deserve my number 1 place. Now, I’ll show you the Too Faced lipgloss from ”Melted” in the shade Chocolate. First thig firts, it’s pure chocolate. it’s like you eat real chocolate. The only thing that I have to mention, is before the application, draw your lips with a lipliner, otherwise the colour will run out of your lip shape.  Last but not least, we have the lipgloss from Calvin Klein and it’s in my favorites list because I loved the color more than anything. From fay to night this shade is so perfect that I already finished it. It lasts for hours, but again you have to draw your lipliner first.


Σούπερ favorite products for 2016 are these Maybelline eyeshadow palettes. I use them every single day in any posible way you can imagine. I use them as eyeshadows, as highlighters, as browshadows, as everything. From the pink palette I love the highlighters, they are perfect for the inside corner of the eye and on the top of your cheekbones.


I’ll show you my top favorite one, which is form L’oreal Paris the Glam Bronze La Terra. It’s a terracota with a little bit of shimmer in it and it’s huge. The amount of the product is unbelievable. I use it for 4 months now and you can still see we are far from finishing it. Although is for summer I still use it in the winter time. Its vibes are so fresh and summery that makes me want to use it. I like the fact that I can look like I have a tan during winter time.


Two of my favorite foundations for 2016 are: Wonder Nude, Maybelline and Touch Up, TommyG cosmetics. The first is very light and has no coverage, it’s perfect for natural make up and for those hot summer days when you don’t want to have nothing on your face but still looking fab. The second one was love from the first use, lol. It has a velvet matte finish and it’s very smooth. Reduces the pores from the skin and doesn’t stay to the hard lines of the face. I have loved it and took it to all my travels.


Last but certainly not least, here is my TOP fav consealer from Maybelline, Instant Anti-Age effect. The only bad thing that I can find is that unfortynately, finishes way too fast and we don’t have it here in Greece. BUT it’s perfect for highlighting the face, it gives light and shine. You can’t have a good coverage with this but still, the result is amazing.

These are all my beauty favorites! I hoped you like the products. Write in the comments below what are your favorites for the year of 2016 cause I’d love to know!

Don’t forget to smile! Many kisses from me xxx




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