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Welcoming October!


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

In the first place, here in Greece we all wish to each other when it comes to the begining of a new month. So, I wish you all a happy and a pleasant October.

October means autumn. And autumn, well…Autumn means paradise and magic everything. The weather is getting colder day after day, you watch the leaves changing their color and becoming more beautiful. Personally, I don’t know why, but I am one of those people who think, that autumn is nature’s best season and that’s because you literally can see EVERY shade of green, red, brown, yellow and all those warm colors that scream ”coziness”.

The next thing that I love about autumn is, of course, chocolate. And not any kind of chocolate! HOT CHOCOLATE BABY with melted marshmellow. I can’t describe how much of a chocolate lover I am. I can eat or drink chocolate everyday, in any flavor.

In this point I have to explain myself. Although I am a chocolate person, the best thing to drink when I want to chill on my couch, read a book with a blanket or listen to rainy/autumn songs is TEA. Yes, tea is always present in my house, it’s my go-to solution when it comes to ”chill-time”.

Can we all now take a moment and have a deep breath of the nature after rain? I mean, the trees and the air and everything after rain smells amazing. It makes me want to wear my sweater and boots and go for a nice walk. If you are lucky enough to live close to a forest, then you can absolutely understand what I’m talking about. In my hometown, we have a small forest all around the area and I remember, when I was a kid I loved to walk with my dog and enjoy the nature.

Autumn Fashion is also a thing. We all are still in the mood of the summer so we wear shorts and crop tops, so when it’s a bit chilly outside a sweater or hoodie it’s the best idea. But you still can wear your shorts. That’s what I love about autumn. The combination of a sweater, shorts and boots. A-ma-zing!



There will be a video soon on my chanel about autumn so if you want to know more about me, all you can do is subscribe, so that you won’t miss anything!




Student living in Athens, Greece. In love with fashion, travels and DIYs. In this blog you will find my favorite outfits and also how to make different things.

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